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Edward Sawyer EdwardS at advanced-conversion.com
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Actually, according to the ARRL web site.

"For foreign nationals not  holding a U.S. FCC-issued license, remote control of a U.S. station is not authorized under any treaty or reciprocal authorization, regardless of their location."

K0/G3ABC is never a valid callsign from a remote station from all that I read.  And "borrowing" the hosts callsign is not legal either.  It either violates the rule of not being present in the country or it violate the rule of third party traffic internationally by the US licensee (control operator).

It would seem to me that the ONLY way a foreign operator can remotely control a US station is to also have a US license and to operate within the limitations of the US license obtained.

This is clearly a confusing area for many which is why I am asking.

Ed  N1UR

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If I am licensed in the US, I can operate my US station remotely from from anywhere.

If I am not licensed in the US (but have some sort of reciprocal privileges) then I believe that I can remotely operate a US-located station using my call as in "W0/mycall".

"Borrowing" a US station call strikes me as outside the rules for a single operator.  Presuming a local control operator, you might (heavy emphasis on "might") be OK in a multi-op category.

Disclaimer: I am not an FCC official nor a contest sponsor, and I have never operated station KØHB from P5.

73, de Hans, KØHB
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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Remote Operating - Cross County

I continue to see postings of scores by a ham outside the US operating a US based remote site.  The hams do not have their own US callsign and "borrow" someone else's callsign from the US.  I am pretty sure this is an illegal operation in the US.  Am I missing something?  Its happening pretty much every contest now.

Ed  N1UR
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