[CQ-Contest] 9-11 special event question

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With all due respect, I'm not sure that the word "celebrating" is appropriate in this situation.
May I respectfully recommend "commemorating" or "honoring" (as in honoring the victims) instead?

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GM All

         This may not be the best way to ask, but I know of no other 
way.  My local

         contest club   ACG Alabama Contest Group is celebrating the 
20th anniversary

         of 9-11 . Our members will be on CW SSB RTTY and FT8. The 
period is

         September 5, 2021 00:00 til September 12, 2021 23:59. Our call 
will be K4A

        You can check  Alabama Contest Group website.   I wonder if 
anyone would

         have an idea/ info/website   where this could be published to 
the general public?

         We have  two members  who has done some local public relations. 
Ham wise.

         I am looking for   a more wider group amateur or general public.

             Any suggestions.           73    BoB WA1FCN

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