[CQ-Contest] CQ WPX CW rubberish CW numbers?

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I have had this same problem with Remote Rig... and I do indeed have OTA internet. I thought I had a solution, but I have had some difficulty implementing it. Using Win-test as logging software, I created a virtual USB connection to a win-key device at the radio (bypassing the onboard winkey keyer in the Remote Rig). This cleans up the poor keying, but adversely affects the character spacing. The keying is clean, but it is kinda Farnsworth-ee...

I still think I am on the right track, but I think it may have to do with how win-test sends characters to win-key. If it is sending characters one at a time, it allows the latency to inject itself between each character... If Win-test sends the entire CW string in one package, the transmission is only subjected to the latency once.

I would be embarrassed to use this particular remote configuration either with the Remote Rig keyer, or with a win-key at the transmitter end... So I don't. I plan to get on this project again later in the summer... if anyone has comments, I am all ears!

73, Wigi


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Rag - I heard that on several signals in the WPX, had to ask for repeats.  I think these days that kind of blurry/rubberish CW keying usually turns out to be someone operating remotely, vs. a software keying/timing problem. Often, the remote connection has variably latency and the pauses between elements and letters gets distorted in many cases. The culprit is usually a wireless ISP and/or a wireless LAN (or two) in the loop. The Remote Rig boxes are particularly susceptible to high jitter impacting CW.
73 John K3TN

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