[CQ-Contest] Contesting and the FT8 Revolution

Michael Walker va3mw at portcredit.net
Sun Jun 20 08:43:00 EDT 2021

Good morning all and Happy Father's Day

 In the spirit of Ham radio, it really doesn't matter the modulation scheme
you use to make a contact, and there are many and each has its
strengths whether it is VLF, HF, VHF, Microwave or moonbounce.

The serious problem we have is the LARGE quantities of stations running a
fully automated derivative of WSJTx, etc.  And, I mean fully automated by
being able to start it up, have the computer make a pile of QSO's and you
come back to see how your automation worked out.  This is 100% wrong and
any QSO's completed by this mode should be considered null and void.

It is these QSOs that we need to urge the ARRL and others to figure out a
way to delete.  This is very apparent on 6M's where Grid Squares are
critical especially if working towards the Fred Fish award.   The same is
true on 160M in the winter.

If you watch closely on any band, it quickly becomes apparent of those
stations that are 100% automated.  Some are some serious DXers and
Contesters as well and I would not be surprised that some of them are part
of this list.  These can be stations that seem to be active all day
constantly calling CQ and attempting to work with everyone.   Just watch on
FT8 on 6M as an example (or even 20M).  It is easy to pick them out.

Sadly, it is these operators that are cheating themselves.

Use of the fully automated derivatives of WSJT (not WSJTx) needs to be made
socially unacceptable.   And, any QSO's made via these programs should be
deleted from any award account.

Mike va3mw

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