[CQ-Contest] PJ4 QSLs -- N0JK and W0LD Operators

Jim Brown k9yc at audiosystemsgroup.com
Mon Jun 21 06:06:53 EDT 2021

This was on the VHF Slack channel today. Hopefully the operators noted 
will fulfill their QSL duties, either through paper cards or LOTW that 
includes their country and grid.

=   =   =  =

looking for a little QSL help/info. Trying to find a confirmed QSL route 
for 6/2018 PJ4V op by N0JK and W0LD. QRZ entry is for a differnet op 
using that call earlier, no addresses for either op for 6/18 operation, 
and neither op has emails listed. Any ideas? Also looked through a few 
pages of google search results

=   =   =   =

I operated fro PJ4 for CQWWCW with K4BAI and KU8E, and BAI chose to 
provide paper QSLs to all who wanted them. I obtained a certificate and 
uploaded to LOTW for PJ4/K9YC. We were there in Nov, so no interest in 6M.

73, Jim K9YC

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