[CQ-Contest] Typing in A Contest....

Jim McDonald jim at n7us.net
Sun Apr 3 10:26:55 EDT 2022

But the hour includes time spent calling CQ, waiting for callers, tuning for others calling CQ, etc.

Sending and receiving exchanges have to considered too.

Typing 15 wpm when callers are responding to a CQ at 35 or more per minutes doesn't cut it.

73,  Jim N7US

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A typed word is considered to be five characters long. Many callsigns also have five characters so we can call that a word. So you are already typing at 15 WPM that is a QSO rate of 900/hour.

John KK9A

Joe WB9SBD wrote:

My speed QSO rate in a contest is totally limited by my lack of typing skills now.
In my head I can easily do 40 WPM, But my typing skills are lucky to be
15 WPM!
Of course Phone, is Phone, But even in CW, I know for sure my typing ability is my speed limit.
I use both hands, and am a one or sometimes two finger and thumbs for the space-bar typer.
And I know it is slowing me down.
So, I finally made the decision to learn,, well practice how to "Touch Type" again.
In high school I took a typing class. 1972. Easy credit. So I know the basics like the "Home Row" Etc.

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