[CQ-Contest] Santa Fe, NM Contesting

Jim Brown k9yc at audiosystemsgroup.com
Sat May 21 01:03:25 EDT 2022

On 5/20/2022 7:44 PM, Alan M. Eshleman wrote:
> Jim, how does remoting fit in your scheme?  In general, I agree with you.

I see it as one of many ways to use ham radio. I am very much supportive 
of what operators of small and large contest stations have managed to 
stay on the air without endangering their health. I'm also very 
supportive of, and greatly respect the achievement of those who have 
automated their station to allow them to run it remotely, and to give 
friends whose living conditions don't allow a station a chance to 
operate it.

I see the operation of rental stations, whether run on site or remotely, 
as very positive when used for honorable reasons by those who can't have 
their own stations, but very negative when used to move their callsign 
most of the distance across the US to make it easier to chase awards 
like DXCC.

I looked at remoting my station several years ago and decided it was far 
too much work given the way I had built it and my advancing years. (I'm 

It should be noted than Alan, who is a great operator, has a rather 
modest station that he built himself.

73, Jim K9YC

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