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Hans Brakob kzerohb at gmail.com
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My XYL, KØCKB, is also a sewing hobbiest.  She bought me on of these.


73, de Hans, KØHB
“Just a Boy and his Radio”™
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Hi Scott,

We probably worked, as I/we worked on all 6 bands from the next Island over.

I am a "footswitch guy" when I operate SSB. That habit goes back decades
when I was a dispatcher for a spell and we had a footswitch in the radio
room and that was it ! (I prefer CW, but that's a separate topic)

I brought a small footswitch with me (to ZF2AA)  and it was slip sliding
around on the nice tile floor, so I zip-tied the f/sw cable to 2 big coaxes
that ran under the table.  When I was done CQWW SSB, I cut the zip tie as I
am sure the stn owner would not want it there.

At home, I have all my footswitches velcro'd down to a big plywood board
that sits on top of a vy low wooden box.(none of it moves)

73 de Mike VE9AA (ZF2AA in CQWW SSB)

I operated CQWW SSB at a QTH with tile floors in the operating room. As
> a result, the footswitch kept sliding around and frequently required a
> pause in my run to reposition it. I am sure others out there have faced
> this problem. What solutions have you come up with?
> Thanks. Scott/K7ZO

Mike, Coreen & Corey
Keswick Ridge, NB

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