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Hi, Scott.
Years ago, I made my own footswitch. I've used it at my station at a couple
of other stations and found it to be the perfect footswitch.
Components: two small 1" diameter, 2" long springs; two pieces of 1x6x18
wood (sanded and finished the surfaces--I do a lot of literally barefoot
operating); an 18" piano hinge; two momentary switches.

Go to Amazon.com and enter 'micro limit switch' om the search field.
The switches with the roller lever arm look good to me; my switches are just
the blade type, but it's never had a problem.  

To mount the switches, I made up 2 pieces of scrap metal as mounts for the
two switches. 
I placed the two switches about 8" in from the board ends. 
I wired the switches in parallel (N.O. and common) to a 5' cable-using it in
one location only, I'd just cut it to reach. 
Adjust the position of the switch mounts for a comfortable angle of the
upper board. 
I also added a block of wood at each end of the top of the bottom board as a
limit to depression of the upper board. 
Adjust the spring position location to give positive return to open the
momentary switches.
I also put thin rubber strips under the front and back edges of the bottom
board to minimize sliding. 
I never have to cast about under the table with my foot trying to find the
PTT footswitch. 
Dale, kg5u

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I operated CQWW SSB at a QTH with tile floors in the operating room. As a
result, the footswitch kept sliding around and frequently required a pause
in my run to reposition it. I am sure others out there have faced this
problem. What solutions have you come up with?

Thanks. Scott/K7ZO


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