[CQ-Contest] Better footswitches - Taped voice transcription service

Kimo Chun kimochun at gmail.com
Thu Nov 10 18:51:10 EST 2022

The Linemaster heavy duty switches are that...heavy duty and too hard
(pressure) to use for some of us. They were meant for machine tool
activation, often, while standing. There are lots of variations from many
sources. I have them but don't use them.

The Linemaster lighter duty switches are copied by Heil (same general size
and action). Those are more suitable. I feel the Linemaster switches are
better built than the Heils. They all move about unless you mount them on a
board or to the floor.

The best ones, in my opinion, are repurposed footswitches from Wang,
Dictaphone, Sony, Sanyo, Philips, Olympus, and dozens of others that were
made for the tape transcription service. Typists replay tape recordings
made by others by starting, stopping, backing up and replaying the tapes
while typing the dialogue on typewriters or, later, into computer word
processors. Check with large, older law firms who had WANG word processing
systems who may still have old equipment stored somewhere.

The best ones have a static area in the middle the foot may rest upon. Left
and right , sometimes more, foot levers are easily pressed to control the
recorder by shifting, pivoting your foot left or right or use your toe!
Others have a dual rocker action somewhat like old treadle pedals.

There must be a ton of old systems surplused somewhere. I lucked out and
found a couple of new WANG foot switches like ones we have at our
Multi-multi contest station. I have a couple made by other manufacturers
that are somewhat different. You must, of course, modify the wiring to your
purpose. You could parallel all the pedals so any will do your PTT... OR
you can use them separately to trigger your two or more transceivers as

These are much better at staying still, easy to activate and with the rest
position almost never lost to your foot.
Plus they were designed for daily, long hours of use and are likely more
reliable and more comfortable to use than most.

73, Aloha,
Kimo Chun KH7U

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