[CQ-Contest] Who is OL7D?

Ron Notarius W3WN wn3vaw at verizon.net
Mon Nov 14 23:27:36 EST 2022

I took the liberty of making some inquiries with some folks I know over on the management side of QRZ.COM.
First off, for most DX stations (ie outside of North America), they don't get listed in the QRZ database until they submit their information.  This was the case originally with OL7D.  The operators HAVE listed their information with others, for whatever reason, but did not originally do so with QRZ.  
So there is a real possibility of legitimate calls not listed, or not listed with full information.
Since folks became aware of this situation, I've been informed this evening (by the amateur who manages the database) that someone has very recently created a "shell" record -- that is, the call OL7D  itself is listed, but with no data.  Again, it is not automatically input from government or national society sources, but has to be added or updated manually by the call holder or trustee or equivalent.
Secondly, and I say this as a former Database Administrator and programmer, now that the situation has arisen that it is possible for calls to show up that do NOT have complete information, the application should be adjusted to allow for and handle this possibility.  Something as simple as a lookup table... ie, if the call or call data is not within QRZ.COM, then look up the prefix and find an appropriate (if not exact) grid square.  "Appropriate" could mean any grid square within the country/entity, be it random, or a population center, etc.  
Finally, with this email, I close my involvement in trying to assist in this issue.  Let's just say that I feel like some with whom I have privately communicated have appeared to be more interested in shooting the messenger than listening to the message.  Well, I tried.
Do as you will, and carry on without me.  
73, ron w3wn

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