[CQ-Contest] Encouraging Spotting of SSB QSOs in Contests

Pete Smith N4ZR pete.n4zr at gmail.com
Wed Nov 30 10:48:00 EST 2022

Well, of course there is an intermediate step - users of N1MM Logger on 
any mode can select the Option "spot all S&P QSOs".  My hunch, totally 
unsupported by real data, is that people hesitate to do that because, if 
they are operating Unassisted, they don't want to be accused of cheating.

73, Pete N4ZR
Check out the new Reverse Beacon Network
web server at<https://reversebeacon.net>.
For spots, please use your favorite
"retail" DX cluster.

On 11/30/2022 10:39 AM, George Fremin III wrote:
> On Sat, Nov 19, 2022 at 10:44:00AM -0500, Pete Smith N4ZR wrote:
>> I've been appalled by how few stations spot in phone contests,
> >From the early days of the DX spotting systems via packet radio
> (packet DX clusters) there has always been an issue with getting folks
> to submit spots to the system.  It all relied on humans inputing this
> data - and there were only small numbrers of stations submitting input
> but a vast number of stations consumming it.
> I am sure you can find folks complaining about this in the archives of
> this very email reflector.
> There were efforts made to get folks to add spots to the system.  As I
> recall there were even reports done and posted to CQ-Contest that
> listed all the calls and the number of DX spots they posted over the
> past contest weekends.  That in itself became a contest of sorts -
> could you make the high spot list.
> But, we do not do this anymore.  And I am not sure anyone would care.
> I suspect that spots being put into the system by humans going down
> over time.
> There is no reason to do it at all on CW or FT8 or RTTY - the
> automated systems take care of those modes.  It has gotten folks out
> of the habbit of spotting stations - so when they go to SSB they dont
> do it there.  It also has made it seem like there is no activity on
> SSB in or out of contests. And I think this is a bit of a feedback
> loop - no spots on SSB but plenty on CW/FT8 - so folks go to those
> modes to some extent.  You can really see this in multi-mode contests.
> We are starting to see what I think is a skewing of the activity in
> things like IARU to CW - where the spots flow freely and where if you
> go to SSB and call CQ you do not get the instant answers that you do
> on CW - so you QSY back to CW.  Even though there are many more people
> that know the voice than the ones that know the code.
> Does that mean I want an SSB RBN?  No, I would prefer that it did not
> exist on CW either.  Or DX spotting at all for that matter.  But I
> know that it will likely not go back.
> I have seen suggestions that SSB should add some sort of beacon to our
> signals so that an RBN system would eaisly work - and I fully expect
> that sort of talk to increase over time.  Just like the ADS-B systems
> on airplanes. And this step to self spotting is just the first step in
> this direciton.  It would be nice if it was over the air but I guess -
> why demand that?  When you can more eaisly call CQ on the internet
> every time you push F1.

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