[CQ-Contest] Win-Test VS DXLog

Kostas SV1DPI sv1dpi2 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 4 15:05:54 EDT 2022

wintest supports far less contests than dxlog. It is very steady in 
comparison with any other software especially when you have a network 
and this makes it preferable for dxpeditions.

Dxlog supports the most contests of all (officially).

Both programs support some scripts by users. This feature usually is 
used by the first scorers.

Both have almost the same UI.

Dxlog is continuously developed while wintest not.

Dxlog used to have many bugs in past. After Chris (the original 
developer) passed away, K1LZ got it and made it free. Paul K1XM and 
Bjorn SM7IUN are the developers now. They have solved almost every bug. 
It is very steady now, I would say without any problem. We use it in a 
4-5 computers' network in my club with really zero problems and I use it 
also in my home station without any problem the last 2-3 years.

I can not find any reason to prefer wintest vs dxlog.

73 Kostas SV1DPI

Στις 28/9/2022 17:55, ο/η Joe έγραψε:
> The other day I came across a nice image of what loggers were used in 
> the three CQWW contests.
> I saved them thankfully, because I can not find where I found them.
> Anyway it had as usual N1MM+ as being the majority logger. more than 50%
> All the rest combined is still less than N1MM+ Alone!
> But looking close at the others, I saw two others that by the scores 
> submitted
> they seemed promising. Win-Test and DXLog. So I went to check them out.
> First was Win-Test,  OK I have seen something like this in pictures of 
> peoples
> shacks during a contest. Lets try it,  UG!  gotta Buy it. he he he,
> Maybe later lets look at DXLog.
> HUH, it looks exactly the same as Win-Test, as far as I can tell, hey 
> it's free.
> I try it,  Interesting!
> So, my question for you all here is,
> What is the differences between Win-Test and DXLog?
> What can Win-Test do, that DXLog can't do, that would make it 
> worthwhile to pay for Win-Test?
> Joe WB9SBD / W9ET
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