[CQ-Contest] Aging contesters

James Cain jamesdavidcain at gmail.com
Sat Oct 22 08:45:38 EDT 2022

Some interesting (for once) comments in this thread.

As I posted just a few days ago, it's long been known that vigorous mental
activity promotes brain strength. I'm not sure that "brain strength" and
memory are related, though. Think central processing and memory. They are
located at different spots on the "board."

Is high-level contesting "vigorous mental activity?" I have no idea.

I spent my working life as a writer and editor. Words, for me, are crucial!
Use the word "jump" once and the next time I want to use a synonym -- leap,
or bound, come to mind. Once in a while it takes me a few seconds to have
the synonym and I think to myself "Geeze I used to come up with that in the
blink of an eye." But did I really? I doubt it.

Same with spelling. I used to win spelling bees; now I occasionally find
myself turning to a dictionary.

What really frightens me is complete loss of certain memory ability. A
neighbor, Bill, is 76. I tell him a funny story, he laughs, and a few days
later he has completely, totally forgot the story. He knows he has this
problem. Otherwise he thinks at a very high level.

Somebody commented here that Prevagen "advertises constantly." Of course
they do! They figure you forget their name from one day to the next.

Now, where was I?

cain K1TN

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