[CQ-Contest] Whither CQ WW?

Jeff Clarke ku8e at ku8e.com
Mon Oct 31 12:50:45 EDT 2022

/AUGUST 31, 2022//
//Updated CQ Contest Policy for Entries from Russia/Belarus//
//Copied from 
//This updates and supersedes the policy discussion in the editorial of 
the September 2022 issue of CQ.//
//Sometimes, deadlines are your friends; sometimes not. This was a 
“not.” The deadline for the September issue of CQ arrived while spirited 
discussions were still taking place regarding possible updates to CQ’s 
policy regarding stations from Russia and Belarus competing in CQ 
contests. Since no agreement had been reached, it was decided to retain 
the policy as it had been since last spring. However, discussions 
continued and we have now agreed on several minor changes to the policy 
that will broaden participation in our contests while still joining with 
sporting federations around the world to condemn the invasion of 
Ukraine. The updated policy follows, which supersedes that published in 
the September issue of CQ. – The editors//
// 1) Effective with the upcoming CQ WW RTTY DX contest on September 
24-25, 2022, and all CQ contests going forward, we will resume accepting 
Russian/Belorussian log entries as regular logs, publish their scores 
and credit QSOs/points/multipliers in all related logs.//
// 2) However, plaques will not be awarded to otherwise-eligible 
Russian/Belorussian stations. In the event that one of these stations 
has the top score in a given category, the plaque will be awarded to the 
top-scoring non-Russian/Belorussian entry in that category.//
// 3) Online certificates will not be awarded to any Russian/Belorussian 
entry, either as a participant award or based on ranking.//
// 4) CQ will identify partners with which to initiate a humanitarian 
program to support the people of Ukraine. This effort will occur either 
in collaboration with current activities or be entirely new. Details of 
this program will be announced as they develop.//
// 5) Specifics of this policy are subject to future review as 
developments may warrant./

Just out of curiosity I was wondering if this CQ policy applies to 
Russia/Belarus operators who operate outside of their country?   I'm 
asking because the top claimed M/S score on 3830 was by a team 
consisting  of mostly Russian operators. If you read the news you would 
be under the impression that most younger Russians cannot leave the 
country because they're being conscripted to join the Russian military.  
I'm not trying to be political but it seems like if you're going to 
impose a ban on who can be eligible for  plaque there shouldn't be a way 
the skirt the rules by operating from another country outside 


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