[CQ-Contest] Whither CQ WW?

James Cain jamesdavidcain at gmail.com
Mon Oct 31 14:48:01 EDT 2022

Maybe the Russian operators had fun setting up and operating, are content
with making a top score, and can live without a plaque. And, doesn't the
person who "owns" the call sign get the plaque?

Or maybe the Russian operators all bought one-way tickets out.

cain K1TN

Just out of curiosity I was wondering if this CQ policy applies to
operators who operate outside of their country?   I'm asking because the
top claimed M/S score on 3830 was by a team consisting  of mostly Russian
operators. If you read the news you would be under the impression that most
younger Russians cannot leave the country because they're being conscripted
to join the Russian military.  I'm not trying to be political but it seems
like if you're going to impose a ban on who can be eligible for  plaque
there shouldn't be a way the skirt the rules by operating from another
country outside Russia/Belarus.


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