[CQ-Contest] Setting up a QSO Database

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Sat May 20 17:47:09 EDT 2023


I am looking to create some sort of easily accessible and searchable 
database that will hold basic info
of the approximately 1,000,000 qsos's that I have made since getting 
licensed 50 years ago  (August 1973).

Ideally, if possible, I should be able to search the database by 
callsign, DX country, band, mode, prefix, etc.

Even better would be if I am able to scan written pages with qso's and 
have the software encode that info and add it
to the database.  (I have thousands of pages of hand-written logs).  If 
that is not possible, then it should be a database
that allows me to easily manually enter data for each qso and would also 
allow me to upload cabrillo files or .bin files or something similar.

I have no idea what options/functionality are available or what it would 
look like or what such a database/software would cost.

I also do not know whether or not such a database would allow me to add 
qso's made under other callsigns (where I guest operated or operated as 
DX) and then separate out the qso's based on the callsign used?

I would ask that responses please be limited to those who have actually 
attempted to do something similar and can answer based on actual 

Thanks and 73

Bob, KQ2M

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