FT-890 is SLOW....

Dick Dievendorff dieven@almaden.ibm.com
Fri, 04 Mar 94 09:31:46 -0800

I've got a friend who is just getting going with a computer
interface to his Yaesu FT-890.  The rig was purchased about
10 months ago.  It seems to take 2 seconds to log a QSO
(from hitting the enter key until the line jumps).  We assume
that a large amount of data is flowing.  Is there anything we
can do to speed things up (or verify that this is the problem)?

There is a message at the screen bottom that says "Yaesu radio
timeout 0".  The CT interface seems to function, it's just slow
enough to be a problem.

Dick Dievendorff, AA6MC