CT Point and Shoot

Fred Cady ieefc@msu.oscs.montana.edu fred_c@ece.ee.montana.edu
Mon, 07 Mar 1994 07:25:30 EST

After finally getting an interface running for the 940, I operated a 
few hours this weekend (S/U) using the point and shoot.  Boy, it's great
having the computer keep track of band changes.  But, I noticed
that CT would change both VFO's when I would CTRL-Arrow into
the multiplier window and grab a spot.  I can see this happening
if it is a station that is operating split, but it seemed to happen
for simplex spots as well.  I couldn't detect a pattern but the 
other vfo would be set onto a 40 m frequency.  What's up?  Am I
missing something?  Running version 8.45.  

Thanks.  73, Fred KE7X