WB1HBB 24-Mar-1994 1313 wrothberg@pfloyd.ENET.dec.com
Thu, 24 Mar 94 13:19:23 EST

Calls = n points / mode

Ex. Bonus point station WB1HBB worth 10 points phone / 20 points digital
(before multipliers).

Modes: Add Tech (as in Nov/Tech Category)

Allow multiple options: Mults are: DXCC,States,Counties,Provinces

And yes (I am going to Dayton and will buy CT9 there - I'm SOOO excited!)

73, Warren

p.s.: Categories: standard s/o s/oa m/s m/m etc. High power, low power
(user defined are not [100 vs. 150 watts], QRP

Maybe more after I see some of the other suggestions.