CT 9 feature?

ERIC.L.SCACE@adn.sprint.com ERIC.L.SCACE@adn.sprint.com
Fri, 25 Mar 1994 09:44:40 -0500

What happened to plans to incorporate a "score-sharing" feature in CT?

To recap:
   A new screen (a a ALT-M multiplier or the Help screen) would be added.
   Within this window one can see the scores of up to six (or so) other
   competitors who you want to benchmark against, and who areaccesible
   via the Cluster network.
   At the start of the contest you specify the calls of the stations you 
   want to see during the contest.
   If those stations are on the cluster network, and the operator there has
   also entered your callsign into the score-sharing screen, then both will
   exchange periodic updates on score-to-date (e.g., every 20 minutes, starting
   at 10 minutes after the hour to avoid colliding with disk autosaves and
   the like).
   When viewing the window, the update which you sent out at the last update
   interval will also be displayed, so that you can see how you were doing
   back then.

I'd love to try this in one contest to get that race-adrenalin rush from trying
to stay ahead or catch up to someone else who is in my operating class and has
a similar station...

-- Eric K3NA