Keep em guessing !

Steven M London +1 303 538 4763
25 Mar 94 16:19:00 GMT

I was first going to reply directly to Eric, then I decided this was relevant
enough for everyone ...

When I first read about "score sharing" in CT V9, I thought it was
an April fools joke !

I don't want to share my score with my competition every 20 minutes.
Part of the strategy is to keep em guessing.  I don't want them to know I
just QSY'd to 10 meters, and found it open to JA, etc.  The whole idea
of a band strategy becomes moot when you and your competition do the same
thing, at the same time. 

It's one thing to compare notes 24 hours into the contest, it's quite another
to be checking every 20 minutes (Damn !  He got 22 QSO's vs. my 18 QSO's in
the past 20 minutes.  Maybe I should change my run frequency ...).  I don't
need that kind of pressure !

Steve, N2IC/0