CT9 Custom Config

cook_a_r_j_andrew cook_a_r_j_andrew@bt-web.bt.co.uk
Fri, 25 Mar 1994 20:37:15 +0000

Hi All,

Just a few comments that come to mind, particularly from a EU VHF 

Bands :
Missing are 4m, 13cm and all bands higher than 9cm. It is nice to see 
the high bands getting supported, but, assuming the software design 
doesn't impose any constraints on the number of bands, if you are going 
to have 9cm you may as well add 6cm, 3cm and 1.2cm since at least in 
Europe, there is probably more activity on 3cm and 1.2cm than on 9.

Mults :
I presume you will be able to run any of the SEC.DAT, CTY.DAT, GRID,
ZONE etc. mult options together for contests whose multipliers total
is e.g. countries+counties+grids worked. 

There are also contests where some of the multipliers count only once for 
mult credit (G/GI/GW/GJ/GU/GD counties), and some you can work 3 times 
for mult credit (GM regions (like counties only bigger))

Some of the HF contests in the UK and maybe elsewhere have a bonus 
scheme rather than a mult system - normal QSOs count 3 points, those 
with new counties or countries count 10 points.

Points :
The vast majority of European VHF contests are scored on a 1 point/km 
basis - calculated from the grids of the two stations. Also, the 
exchange of grids in EU is almost always the full 6 character grid - 
it would be marvelous to be able to log this in CT. 

In the UK - to be even more convoluted (actually to make it easier for 
people without computers), most of our contests are scored on a radial 
ring scheme - 
		0 - 50 km	1 point
		51-100 km	3 points
		101-150 km	5 points

The idea of a custom contest mode is excellent - I would love to be 
able to use CT in VHF contests to have the packet window and 
inter-station comms - but just can't log the locators at the moment - 
pretty much anything else you can sort through post processing if you 
have to!

This is all that comes to mind off the top of my head - will post 
anything else that seems important if it comes to me.

Had hoped to see you all in WPX as GB6BT again but work has just got 
in the way this year.


Andy Cook, G4PIQ.