8.53 and WPX

Paul Terwilliger terwill@leotech.MV.COM
Tue, 29 Mar 94 18:59:56 GMT

OK, here are some observations on CT 8.53, as used (M/S) in the
WPX contest:

1)  Serial numbering wasn't right.  M/S requires a single S/N
progression, but CT did separate numbers per band.  (Were the
M/M and M/S modes reversed?  Never checked that...)

2)  With the separate number per band, whenever a QSO (or other
activity?? not sure) comes in from the network, the "next" number
reverts to the log's total, rather than the band total.  But,
logging the next QSO puts it back to the band total.

3)  Over the weekend, we discovered that doing pgup in the announce
window will change the spot filtering between mults-this-band,
mults-all-bands, qso-this-band, and qsos-all-bands.  However,
something wasn't always working right.  IT was occasionally the case
that not all the spots were shown till pgup was hit 4 times, to cycle 
through all the filter modes.

Also, being in one of the "qso" filter modes would occasionally
turn off dupe checking of a new call being entered, it seemed.
This may have also been related to doing ctrl-pgup (to see the
previous day's log).  Sorry I can't be more specific...

4)  Several times, our ops forgot that they were in the announce
window (ctrl-rightarrow), and they tried to log a qso.  Big surprise
when enter is pressed and the announce window qso is "grabbed"!
Is there any way to make it more obvious when the ctrl-rightarrow
spot grab function is active?  Perhaps not being able to go back to
the summary window?  Have pressing an alphanumeric key automatically
cancel the spot grab?

5)  After surfing through a bunch of mults with ctrl-rightarrow, to
get CT back to the run frequency requires doing another ctrl-rightarrow
and then esc.  It's too easy to forget this, and to instead just 
start tuning/cqing/etc.  Then, an hour later when it's time for
some more spots, everything gets all messed up.  How about "expiring"
the previous run freq that CT is saving after 10 minutes without
a ctrl-rightarrow?  

6)  The "newly upgraded" stations that sign /AG, /AE or whatever
I don't think are supposed to be counted as new px's.  Can this be

Paul, NX1H