CQP scoring problems

Steve Lund stevel@hpsrfh.sr.hp.com
Tue, 29 Mar 94 13:07:34 PST

     I recently discovered that my 1993 CQP score was reduced by
several bugs in CT.

     When using CT, I always have CT control the frequency of my
IC-735.  This makes changing bands quicker and keeps me from
logging QSOs on the wrong band.  Unlike the other contests
supported by CT, the CQP allows VHF QSOs.  As none of the
supported radios has VHF capabilities, you must use Alt-F1/F2 to
move to VHF.  When you log the report and hit Enter, CT reads IC-
735 frequency.  This causes the QSO to be logged on 10m (30.000
MHz) and scores it as a dupe (but doesn't give any real time
indication that it has done this) if you already have a QSO on
that band.  I have since discovered that by going into
Postcontest mode before going to VHF the QSOs are logged

     For CQP both 6m and 2m count as separate bands, but CT only
supports VHF.  About 10% of my QSOs were on VHF so it was a
hassle to use Alt-N to note my 2m QSOs and then edit the .SUM and
.ALL files to remove the false dupes and re-score the results.

     The CT mult field does not support multiple multipliers per
QSO.  CQP (and many other state QSO parties) allow stations on
county lines to count for more than one multiplier per QSO [ie, 1
QSO credit, but more than 1 multiplier].  I heard several out of
state stations complain about this as there were several stations
operating on county lines.  CT does handle the case of a (mobile)
station operating from different counties [ie, more than 1 QSO
credit and more than 1 multiplier].

Steve Lund, WA8LLY/6