Steve Lund stevel@hpsrfh.sr.hp.com
Thu, 31 Mar 94 13:37:14 PST


Contest:  This needs to be added.  The contest name should be printed on
          the summary sheet and all log sheets.

Bands:    12m is missing
Modes:    FM is missing
          NOTE: FM is a nice addition for VHF use, but in all contests I'm
          aware of it counts the same as any other Voice mode.  Perhaps,
          similar modes need to be bracketed {SSB,FM}.

     It was not stated how the CT.CFG file would be loaded.  There will
obviously be multiple .CFG files in use.  Rather than copy xx.CFG to CT.CFG
before running CT.EXE, how about using a command-line option, ie, -c

Mult:     How wide is the INFO field for the SEC=ANY?  I'd like to use CT
          for the QCWA Contest.  The multipliers are chapters, if you are a
          member of a local QCWA chapter, or your state, if you are an at
          large member.  (Ie, CA 161 and CA AL)  The exchange also includes
          your name, which can't be placed in the INFO field.

Steve WA8LLY/6