CT8.45, FT1000, DXSolu.?

Doug Smith 72777.3143@CompuServe.COM
31 Mar 94 02:12:05 EST

Has anyone got this combination (CT8.xx, FT-1000D, DX Solutions CT-232C) to
I've been trying to get this to work at N4ZZ's station for awhile now.  At
first, it'd work in one direction (changing bands in CT would change them on
the FT-1000, but not the other way around).  Since then, we upgraded from
8.19 to 8.45 & upgraded Don's motherboard from 286 to 386; now if we try to
send commands to the radio, *nothing* happens.  (if you send too many
commands, the computer develops a stack overflow & requires a hard reset..)
We've checked the ROM version in the '1000.  We've tried a different
CT-232C.  (I've got one here that works fine on my TS-680)  We've tried my
computer & RS-232 cable.  I'm telling Don that either there's something
wrong with the cable DX Solutions provided to connect the CT-232C to the
FT-1000, or there's something wrong with the CPU module in his '1000.
Don's serial port appears to be working properly-- if I connect it to his
PK-88 TNC & run YAPP, it connects to the Cluster & works fine..
Anyone have any better ideas??
73 Doug