CQ WPX Remote CNTL MultiOP/SingleXmtr Contest Station Idea-Interest?

Jose Aponte 643-0406 10-11 PM EST (513) apontej@dmapub.dma.org
Wed, 11 May 1994 07:32:17 -0400 (EDT)

There was a small Impromptu Forum at last Hamvention on Sunday May 1, 94 11am
AT ROOM # 7. During that time there was a brief discussion on some of the
technical issues about implementing a station that would be capable under ideal
conditions of doing about 28,800 contest qso on a 48 hour period. If there 
enough person out there interested in this topic, I plan to request a the same
forum room at the same time & date for one hour for the 1995 Hamvention at

In the meantime if this is a suitable electronic forum person that are
interested in participating in helping with the development of the idea of
making such a station possible are welcome to comment. Since this can be a
controversial topic, let's get that out first so that latter the bandwidth of
the net can be used to technical topics on how to do it.

At present the CQ WPX Contest rules say that a MultiOperator Single Transmitter
Contest Station needs to be physically connected to the antenna.. the
implication here is that the receivers do not have to be physically connected to
the antenna.. if this rule is not changed due to this posting by the contest
directors of the CQ WPX Contest (SSB & CW) for the 1995 contest then it may be
feasible to try to implement such idea. 
Lets say from 5 to 15 remote control operator shared a xmter resources whose 
time slice is multiplex by a computer network of good speed & reliability
(internet) the LAN site in the internet has several PC one of which controls
the CAT port of the transmitter portion of a Kenwood, ICOM or Yaesu.
That there remote operator are within the same skip area as the Xmter far enough
to avoid overloading their receiver when their remote Xmter is on but close
enough to listen to the person they intend to qso. the remote operator has 
also access to internet live & has a PC with control of his receiver frequencies
then those operators would work concurrently the same band in the areas that 
they are assigned. so when one of them is using the Xmter the others are using
the receivers to listen a complete the qso via the multiplex time slice of two 
second per transmission, they would be allow 2 such time slices per contest qso.

At the Saturday hospitality suites I discussed this idea with some of the
contester... some like it some did not & had no interest at all... I want to
put it out in the open to avoid complaints and a possible disqualification
after it is done in a contest like CQ WPX in 1995. so voice your opinion now
so that the contest directors can give me a definite answer to the question 
of it it within the present rules & promise not to change them in 1995 or 1996.

After this rule issue is resolved then the discussion can be move to another
list-server for those that may be interested in will set it up here & called it
win-cq-wpx@dmapub.dma.org, it is not set up yet so if someone has a more
suitable name then please suggested to me. 

There two types of person I am trying to attract those with contest experience
that would like to help operate & suggest ideas, pitfalls, those with the
technical expertise to pull this off. it will involve in a most complicated
form a distributed data base, & interface to the contest logging programs
like CT, and a possible expert system to help strategically what do do
& what band to operate on for maximum score. One of the Cadre of experts
contributing shall be a humans, not just software, best approach is
a client server on a WAN, or a single machine with enough horsepower to do the
switching multiplex & all the other tasks, the lan client server it is possible implement because it is cheaper & the PC can be developed over the internet
which brings the issue of which OS to use OS/2, NT, or Unix.. unless someone at
AT&T can get the ok to use the real time Unix used for handling 5ESS tasks,
maybe be ICOM, Yeasu or Kenwood can provide a prototype Transceiver with a faster
interface, like that of their internal bus of the the transceiver, 
I have not determined what the frequency switch transmit time in between 2 sec.
slices should be but 10 msec sounds good to me. the contest logging programs can 
also contribute a prototype software & had approach some of them at the Hamvention
Any other positive ideas are also welcomed.. please let not turn this into an
endless debate over pro & con, & the old way it used to be.. a couple of weeks
of discussion should be enough for those opposed to the idea.


73's de KP4UY
610 west third street suite 101, dayton, ohio 45407   (513) 643-2724