CQ WPX Remote CNTL MultiOP/SingleXmtr Contest Station Idea-Interest?

H. Ward Silver hwardsil@seattleu.edu
Wed, 11 May 1994 11:54:15 -0700 (PDT)

A very interesting idea that I mulled over with the local crew last year. 
Frankly, we're not far from the technology that would allow virtually
real-time linkups of operators planet-wide to use a single transmitting
site. (So why are we having a DX contest?  Sounds kind of strange to do
all this so that we can use Morse Code, for example...yes, it's a hobby,
alright! :-)  I don't have any *problem* with it, per se.

Imagine OH2BH in Hong Kong, OH2MM in EA8, N6KT in HC8, CT1BOH at a big EA
station, K1AR at home, and N6TJ in Hawaii.  All of them in a big LAN
linked to P40V.  All it takes is phone lines and a fast Pentium machine in
Aruba.  The FT-1000's and Alpha's are already in place.  POW!!!

If the intent of the committee re: multi-multi is to restrict operations
to single-site, then amend the physically-located rule to state "All
operators and equipment must be contained within a 1000-meter radius
circle or within the property limits."

"CQ twenty, give me your answer, do...
 I'm half crazy, all from calling you!"

73, Ward N0AX