wasted bandwidth apology (ignore if you can)

Peter Jennings ct-user@sttng.mlo.dec.com
Tue, 24 May 1994 08:28:05 -0700

Earlier today I wrote:
PJ> BTW, I think your message might have been more properly sent directly to
PJ> the recipient so that the entire list didn't have to see it.

And here it is coming right back to me!

How embarassing! I guess I shouldn't reply to email before my first coffee.
Let me take my left foot out of my mouth to make room for my right foot.

Didn't the "Reply-to" field used to point to the original sender, or is
that just on the other lists? Anyway, apologies to all, I forgot to check
the address before my mailer sent the message and I just assumed it was
replying in private email . What goes around comes around.

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