version 9

Tim Totten
Tue, 24 May 1994 23:18:47 -0400 (EDT)

Ken Wolff (K1EA) wrote:

> > The installer has a bug in it. If you install by logging onto the A: drive,
> > then type INSTALL, it fails. If you logon to the C: drive, then type
> > A:INSTALL, it works. This is a third party installer, and they don't have
> > a clue as to why this happens.

N4TQO replied:

> Ken, I used the "log onto A: and INSTALL" process on the s/w I got 
> from you at Dayton and it worked fine.  [386-33,387,DOS 6.2].

I helped N4OKX install CT9 last wknd, and I just installed mine tonight, 
and my experience matches N4TQO's.  So, for laughs, I tried logging onto 
the C: drive and doing "A: INSTALL" and all I got was the A> prompt.  
Maybe Ken stated the problem backwards?
73, Tim
P.S.:  I got 9.01 off the board, and I noticed that the 10-meter mult 
column has disappeared, at least in the CQWW mode.  In other words, CT 
only puts the #, *, and ^ symbols in the columns for 160-15.  I haven't 
had the chance to check this out in any detail, however.  You don't honestly 
think ten is gonna be THAT bad for the next few years do you, Ken?!

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