Mac contest software.

Swanson, Glenn, KB1GW
Tue, 05 Dec 95 09:26:00 EST

Hello Shawn,

The ARRL has compiled a list of Amateur Radio related software
(including some contest-related software) for Mac PCs.
Simply send an SASE to--

225 Main Street
Newington, CT 06111
Attn: Mac software list

 --and we'll get the list out to you.  We don't claim to list *every* 
possible Mac software package out there--but it is a fairly extensive list. 
 Good luck and happy holidays!

73, Glenn Swanson, KB1GW
Educational Programs Coordinator,
Educational Activities Department

The American Radio Relay League
"Since 1914--Of By and For the Radio Amateur"
>From: shawn.lightfoot
>To: cq-contest
>Subject: Mac contest software.
>Date: Monday, December 04, 1995 5:33PM
>Return-Path: <>
>Hello fellow contestors.
>I have a Macintosh SE/30, and wondering where I can get some contesting
>software for it (as well as other amateur related software).
>Please reply directly to me at:
>73 de Shawn

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