RES file format

Jim Reisert AD1C (Jim Reisert AD1C)
Wed, 06 Dec 95 19:47:11 EST

Just a warning to people...

I have found the .RES files to be very buggy.  For example, log some Field
Day QSOs and make a .RES file - all the bands will be off by one!  But it
imports back into R2B just fine.  Two wrongs make a right I guess.

Also, if CT has trouble reading the radio, it can put garbage in the
frequency field, which can OVERFLOW the field width and make that .RES file
line longer than it's supposed to be.

And has anyone ever tried to parse the flags out of the .RES file so you
can figure out which VFO you made the QSO on?  This information isn't
published, as Jay W6GO alluded to.

The logging software people have various work-arounds for these problems. 
The authors have spent a lot of time banging their heads against the wall
getting it right.  KD7P LOGPlus! doesn't use the .RES file, but instead
uses a program which reads CT4-CT9 .BIN files and converts them to a
standard ASCII file which the program can import.  Plus it handles all the
exceptions I mentioned above and more.

In summary, don't use the .RES file haphazardly.  Use a *good* logging
program, which solves the problem for you in most cases.  No need to
reinvent the wheel.

73 - Jim AD1C

Jim Reisert

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