Junque Mail

DFM4%GsvCom%EbrCenOak@go50.comp.pge.com DFM4%GsvCom%EbrCenOak@go50.comp.pge.com
Fri, 8 Dec 95 11:13:06 PST

Ok --- somedays are good and somedays are bad, and the other day was looking 
bad!!! And it looked worse when I logged in and saw all the unread mail 
again!!! Ugggggggggggggh - this reflector isn't going to go the way of the 
contest and dx reflectors, with cross postings and endless comments about 
such thing as weither its rotator or rotor..... and so I spouted off with out 
counting to ten.... but I was not alone in my feelings and received a lot of 
replies, a lot agreeing with my position and an almost equal number critical 
of my viewpoint.

So I apologize for my bluntness and any offense I may has caused. But I would 
like to suggest that we all read all the comments reguarding a particular 
subject before we answer a query with redundant information, thus creating 
the perception of junk mail and just wanting to throw in your 2 cents worth.

Here's praying to the God of Sunspots for forgivness and good propagation!!!

Good dx to all in the New Year



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