Swanson, Glenn, KB1GW gswanson@arrl.org
Mon, 18 Dec 95 12:10:00 EST

Good question, Randy. The deadline is past?
(Nice to see we have a reflector again, though!)
73, Glenn, KB1GW
>From: Randy Thompson
>To: YCCC Reflector
>Subject: WRTC?
>Date: Monday, December 18, 1995 8:54AM
>Return-Path: <k5zd@ICONICS.COM>
>Only the brave (i.e. stupid?) made it to the meeting last week.  Good
>move by those of you who decided to stay home.
>Unfortunately, one casualty in this missed meeting was the WRTC
>discussion.  The deadline for YCCC to make its nomination is passed.
>Did we send in a name?
>Randy Thompson, K5ZD
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