radio/ct interface...???

Brian Short ke7gh@PrimeNet.Com
Fri, 7 Jul 1995 14:36:31 -0700 (MST)

I can't speak for your radio, but CT does NOT work with the FT-890.  Will
command it, but does not query back data correctly.  FT-890 works great 
with Log Windows, though.  Even sent radio for warranty service and I 
insisted there was a problem.  Yaesu gave me a new CPU and several other
components, but no go in CT.  I usually use the FT-990 which works fine,
so I have put this on the back burner, but it would have been nice for FD.

73 es GL de Brian

BTW Had a TS-50 and did computer control it once or twice, can't remember!

> What is going wrong?
> I am trying to get my Kenwood TS-50 to switch bands with CT, it won't. Rig
> just sits there and CT won't alt+F1 or alt+F2.
> My setup is:
> 	TS50, IF-10D, MFJ-5383 K, DB25 to DB 9 converter, computer, CT
> This should work shouldn't it?
> Thanks, de Walt - WC6U
> WaltWES
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