radio/ct interface...???

Greg Becker
Fri, 7 Jul 1995 18:26:58 -0400 (EDT)

On Fri, 7 Jul 1995, Brian Short wrote:

> I can't speak for your radio, but CT does NOT work with the FT-890.  Will
> command it, but does not query back data correctly.  FT-890 works great 

First off, what version of CT are you using? I've had problems with older 
versions and certain Yaesu radios (the 890 and the 1000). Try telling CT 
that you're using a DIFFERENT Yaesu radio - for example, tell it you're 
using a 990 and see how it works. This was the fix I had to use for ARRD 
DXCW 94 in order to make it work with the FT-1000D.

Good luck & 73, Greg

Greg Becker NA2N

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