radio/ct interface...???

Bob Fabry--N6EK
Mon, 10 Jul 1995 19:29:59 -0700

>I am trying to get my Kenwood TS-50 to switch bands with CT, it won't. Rig
>just sits there and CT won't alt+F1 or alt+F2.  My setup is: TS50, IF-10D,
>MFJ-5383 K, DB25 to DB 9 converter, computer, CT   Thanks, de Walt - WC6U

I use a TS-50 successfully with Version 8 telling CT that it is a TS850.  CT
does not notice if I change bands on the TS-50, but I can change bands via
CT and keep everything in synch.  -Bob, N6EK

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