max length of RS-232 network link?

Tue, 11 Jul 1995 11:49:54 +0900

In message "max length of RS-232 network link?"
    on 95/07/10, Bob Fabry--N6EK writes:

:   Both the 1995 Heard Island Expedition and the 1995 Easter Island Expedition
:   hope to log with loop-networked PC's running CT, and both expect to have
:   operating sites fairly far apart to minimize interference.  What are the
:   practical limitations on the length of the RS-232 runs in this situation?

You'll be worried with the RFI on 232C links which we had.
So last year, we connected 5stations by optical fiber line at 
KH0AM. The maximum length of this opt. fiber line might be 
over 1000ft or so. They are bit expensive but more reliable/
RFI free than copper conducter cable.

I heard that K5NA/2 has the source of the opt. fiber link.
But now he might be busy for moving to TX.
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