CT and clock accuracy

Lyndon Nerenberg lyndon@multivac.orthanc.com
Wed, 12 Jul 1995 11:57:31 -0700

Richard Loken writes:

>I was preparing the field day logs yesterday which were created using CT v.7
>on a laptop.  The clock gained close to two hours over the 24 hours of the 

>The same thing happened with a differant laptop during the Canada Day contest.

Caveat: this was CT 7, not the current release.

The problem I saw was that CT's clock would start running at double the
normal speed. I wasn't able to determine just what caused the clock
speed doubling to happen, however it was somehow related to keyboard
activity. It occurred with two distinct brands of laptop, therefore I
suspect a software bug. I've never seem this happen with version 9.


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