CT and clock accuracy

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Fri, 14 Jul 1995 17:41:22 +0200

> Richard Loken writes:
> >I was preparing the field day logs yesterday which were created using CT v.7
> >on a laptop.  The clock gained close to two hours over the 24 hours of the 
> >contest!!!
> >The same thing happened with a differant laptop during the Canada Day contest.
> Caveat: this was CT 7, not the current release.
We used CT version 9 during last year's WAE DX Contest CW when we were
M/S with DL2MEH, DL2NBU and myself. DL2NBU's computer was set up as the.
Station 1 computer and so dictated the time in the network.

On Saturday mornig we realized that our times were behind by about 10 
minutes. We had set the clock before the contest and now after only
a few hours it was off by 10 minutes??

On we went, and we watched the clock throughout the day - no problem, it
remained constant like a rock. The second night brought this same mysterious
time shift again. On the side we noted that DL2NBU's keyboard would miss
a keypress from time to time.  What was happening here?

The solution is very simple and it was discovered during the course of
the contest: Peter's computer was susceptible to 80 meter RF. All the 
"dits" and "dahs" on 80 meter sucessfully blocked some interrupts.
Whenever we would transmit on 80 the clock would slow down which eventually
lead to a time delay of several minutes.

73 Ben
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