Great Multi Port Board

William Shell
Fri, 14 Jul 1995 22:29:41 -0700

>Yesterday I installed a Quickpath Systems Flexport 42 I/O card. It is a
>dream. 4 COM ports which can be configured for 8 different addresses and
>IRQs 3 - 15, plus 2 LPT ports, for $139, (800-995-8828.)
>Now I can have my mouse and modem on COM 1 and 2 (so I don't have to switch
>things around from day to day business use,) TNC on COM3, Radio 1 on COM4 and
>Radio 2 on COM5. CT's COMTSRs allow this configuration. I had a question and
>called Quickpath on their 800# at 5:30pm and got an answer in two minutes.
>Great outfit, great product.
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Hi Ken,

I have a similar 4 Serial and 3 Parallel port card that I stock which sells
for $75.  It has the same flexibility in IRQ settings as the Flexport 42, just
a little lower price.  I agree with you, the multi-port cards sure do
provide you the versitilty you need in a computer for your ham station.

73 es GUD DX,
Bill, WA6IET

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