CT 9.23 and WPX

frenaye@pcnet.com frenaye@pcnet.com
Thu, 1 Jun 95 05:43:27 PDT

Alt-M does nothing, even thought the documentation says it'll provide a 
[useless] country worked list.  Same thing in CT 9.13.

Surprised to find no .CON file is created, nor .CNT for those interested.
And, how about changing .CON to show NA and USA on separate lines for all CT 
contests.  I resorted to telling CT it was CQWW not CQ WPX after the contest 
to get a .CON file (and others) to review.

I wish there was a table showing 0/2/3/4/6 point QSOs per band was generated

Seems odd that there's no way to view multipliers (prefixes worked) during 
the contest.  We ran the WRITEMULT command, then exited CT during the 
contest, copied the resulting file to a diskette, re-started CT and printed 
out the list on a PC/printer in the other room.

I appear to have a real weird problem with serial numbers.  They were 
generated and sent correctly but show up in CT wrong.  Each individual band 
file (95WPXCW.40, etc) has the s/n correct but when in CT the numbers are 
sometimes right, sometimes not....  Anyone else have the same problem?  Any 
ideas on how to fix it?

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