CT 9.23 and WPX

LondonSM n2ic@drmail.dr.att.com
Thu, 1 Jun 1995 08:48:49 -0600

On Jun 1,  5:43am, frenaye@pcnet.com wrote:

> Seems odd that there's no way to view multipliers (prefixes worked) during
> the contest.  We ran the WRITEMULT command, then exited CT during the
> contest, copied the resulting file to a diskette, re-started CT and printed
> out the list on a PC/printer in the other room.

On 9.23, PRINTMULT worked FB - immediately sent the worked multiplier list to
the printer.  HOWEVER....this implies you are using LPT1 for a printer, and not
for other purposes (i.e. CW keying, Top-10 devices control, etc.).  We used 2
computers for our M/S effort - an "operating" computer with LPT1 preoccupied,
and a "spotting" computer that had a printer on LPT1.  Ran PRINTMULT from the
"spotting" computer.

Steve London, N2IC/0

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