CT 9.23 problems with FD

Ed Parish eparish@netcom.com
Mon, 26 Jun 1995 15:44:42 -0700

We ran 3A from KB1BQX (say that all night long), the Boston Amateur Radio
Club.  We got 9.23 and tried to run a network.  We managed to get two of
the HF stations on the net, but the third wouldn;t cooperate.  On six, I
had to log them as 222, because of the "out of band" message.  I figured
this might happen when I tried to set my freq on it wouldn't take it.
ALT-J showed funny freqs for some of the other bands as well.  I had to put
the 10M station on 10N to avoid the out of band message.

One other thing that I noticed, that probably got dropped a while ago.
When you work a new mult, the little * didin't appear on the right.  I
always liked that so I could thank the other station for a new mult.  Just
a feature that I would like to see come back.  Maybe it is just not there
for FD.


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