FD and 9.24

John_Bednar jkbe@aloft.att.com
Mon, 26 Jun 95 16:50:26 EDT

>>We had a strange problem with CT 9.23 at field day. We had
>>4 computers networked with packet, and anytime we tried to enter
>>a QSO on 10, 6, 2, SAT or PKT, CT said "out of band" and
>>refused to log the QSO. Anything above 10N for a band setting

>I had the exact same problem, both at my home station, as well as at N2WM.
>N2WM was using 9.23, I was using 9.15 and also tried 9.24.

>Many times 9.24 would hang, especially in startup.

We used CT 9.24 for FD at K3II. We found that if the DOS memory 
manager was installed, 9.24 wouldn't run. The opening screen never
got printed on the crt. This was true on at least 6 different computers
(laptops and desktops). Without removing the DOS memory manager and 
rebooting it wouldn't work on any of the PC's tried. The solution was
to remove the memory manager and re-boot.

We also saw the "out of band" bug on 10 meter, 2 and 6 meter contacts.
We were not using a network or any radio control. Everything was
disabled in the opening screen. The solution was to log them as 222 and
432 contacts which seemed to work.

John, WB3ESS

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