PK-88 and CT -- Summary

Swanson, Glenn, KB1GW
Thu, 09 Nov 95 10:04:00 EST

My question was: "Any idea why a PK-88 would act (via CT) in this way, (not 
send intelligible packets) yet work fine with terminal software?"

73, Glenn KB1GW
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The replies are:

From: Kennamer, Bill,  K5FUV
Subject: RE: CT and PK-88...

Hi Glenn,

The parameters for CT are different that PC- Packratt, and the TNC retains 
the Packratt settings unless the battery is pulled.
Also be sure your unit is set to xflow on. I don't think PC Packratt is set 

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I had a similar problem with my original MFJ-1270. I suspect that the PK88
defaults to E71 (Even parity, 7 bits, 1 stop) bit mode. CT doesn't support
this even when using the correct switch when loading the COMTSRs. The
solution is the switch to 8N1 (8 bit, no parity, 1 stop bit) mode. This
is the default for newer software and hardware. It requires setting the
TNC to 8N1 mode and updating the terminal configuration. Check it out as
this baffled me for some time before I figured it out. K1EA is aware that
E71 mode doesn't work with CT, but doesn't seem to be interested in fixing
it or letting anyone know that it is no longer supported

Steve WA8LLY/6
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Glenn - My guess is your PCPakratt pgm is sending some initialization
parameters to your TNC which are not compatible with CT. Make sure you
aren't in any proprietary modes like Host mode. If you can do a reset to
default parameters, I bet it will work with CT.


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