Prob solved-CT does not support E7

Roland A. Anders ( Rol ) AB88%CATCC.BITNET@VTBIT.CC.VT.EDU
Sun, 12 Nov 1995 22:29:41 EST

Thanks to those who passed along the word.  I fixed my interface
problem between CT and my TNC by NOT using E7.  Despite what
the manual, the installation window for COMTSR, and the help
screen for COMTSR say, apparently the TSR's do not support
E71--the TSR is still in N81 even when you send the -E71
switch on TSR installation.  I guess many people know this,
but a bunch of us on our cluster (including many long time
CT users) were unaware of this.  Be advised not to use
anything but N81 ..  Thanks to all who helped..  de Rol K3RA

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