CT 9.25 Bug Reports

Tyler Stewart kf3p@cais.cais.com
Fri, 6 Oct 1995 00:59:34 -0400

>Not sure I have Ken's address OK, so will send this to the list as well.
>Andy Cook, G4PIQ.
>FROM: Cook, Andy, COOKAR2
>DATE: 04/10/95      15:33
>TO: ken@packetcluster.com
>SUBJECT: CT 9.25 Bug Reports
>Have just seen Jim's requests for bug reports on CT9.25 before CQWW. Based on 
>our experiences with 9.13 last year and a little standalone testing of 9.25,
>here are some comments from us at G0KPW.
>1. CT9.25 crashes more or less at the end of WRITELOG in WPX mode.
>2. ALT-D passes the last QSO in the log rather than the last QSO on the 
>   active band - or am I missing something? This is a pain in multi-multi 
>   where each machine shows a complete log.

CT always grabs the info from whatever line the cursor is on...best thing
to do is to pass or announce before logging the Q...otherwise just up arrow
to the right one.  Nice idea to have it band selective, tho!

>3. There is a mode where computers can start sending band-edge frequencies 
>   into the ALT-J window around the network. We think that this is when there 
>   is no radio connected to the computer but NORADIO has not been done. Is it 
>   possible to make to software not send band frequencies unless there is a 
>   radio connected. 

Some people wouldnt want that...if you dont have a radio interface and you
are running, you can type your freq in on the callsign block and it will
change  the Alt J window display.  If not running on the band, type in the
band edge freq as an indicator.  If running more than one computer per band,
the extra ones should all use -nf in the command line so that their freq
is not announced on the network... otherwise you end up with oscillating
freq's in the AltJ window.  Use the PASSFREQ command for the second computer
/second radio if needed.

>4. I see the POLL command has been lost. We are just a little worried about 
>   this since we used to use it to control the amount of traffic from the 
>   radios since a part of our network is slow where we a 1200 baud radio link 
>   to cross roads.
>5. Any chance of being able to move other windows down over the summary 
>   window in VGA mode. This is not the most useful window to have up all the 
>   time and it would be nice to be able to re-use this part of the screen 
>   with something more useful.

Using a mouse, you can move any and all of the info boxes around on the screen
to any configuration you want...they can overlap, layer,etc.  Give it a try!
Once you've got it configured the way you want...you can disconnect the mouse
if you need the port for networking or whatever...
You should be able to toggle the summary window on and off...Alt S.

>Thanks for all the hard work,
>Andy Cook, G4PIQ for the G0KPW team.
>P.S. Can you confirm receipt of this - not sure I have your address OK.
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73, Tyler KF3P

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