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Thu, 19 Oct 1995 17:10:04 -0700 (MST)

I am submitting the following in response to a message posted by John, K1FWF
on 10/18/95.

Following from PC Computing, Oct 1995, p 144.
Use MSDOS.SYS to Start Smart
    In Windows 95, MSDOS.SYS is a hidden, read-only text file that incorporates
all of the Windows 95 start-up switches.  To edit it, you'll first need to make
the file visible:
    Open My Computer, choose View, options, and click on the View tab, then
check the radio button labeled "Show all files."  Next, use Explorer to find
MSDOS.SYS.  Right-click on its icon and uncheck the Read-only box to
temporarily change its attributes for editing.  Finally, launch Notepad or
another text editor and open the file.  Be sure to reset the read-only
attribute after you've finished.
    The complete list of MSDOS.SYS switches is in the Windows 95 Resource Kit
on the CD-ROM.  These switches (all entered under the [Options] section) are
worth learning:
        To eliminate the animated Windows 95 logo, add the line LOGO=0.
    For easier dual-booting between Windows 95 and Windows 3-x, add the line
BootMenu=1 to automatically display the Startup menu each time you reboot,
and BootMulti=1 to enable the MS-DOS option on the menu.  (Of course, this
assumes you preserved your DOS installation in a separate directory.)  Add
BootMenuDelay=n (where n is a value in seconds) to trim the 30-second delay
before the default Startup menu item runs.  Set the default menu choice by
adding BootMenuDefault=n (on most systems, 3 is Windows 95).
    Finally, to prevent most users from starting up in anything other than
normal Windows mode, add the line BootMenu=O.
The above does work (at least on my computer).  I could not find these switches
'on the CD-rom.'  However they are listed on the final beta CD ROM on page 25
and 26 in the WRK95\CHAPTERS\RK06_TCH.DOC file.
de Paul

Further, I am using CT (a super old version, that still works with my DVK)
.  I shell out of Windows 95 when going to CT, and all my other DOS programs,
and it works great.  My favorite DOS program is AutoCAD v10c2, and anyone
that uses AutoCAD will attest to its being a resource hog.  I have never
been a lover of Windows 3.1 but Win95 is OK.
de Paul

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